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Ordering our Mastering services

how much does it cost?

At present, our prices per single track master are £30 /
€35 / $35. This price includes 24 Bit wav and high quality mp3 masters. Discounts of up to 20% are available on bundles of  tracks, contact us for details.


We also offer a stem mastering service, ask for pricing details.


Our DJ mix mastering service starts at £100 / €140 / $150. This is dependent on the length of your mix - the starting price is for a standard CD length mix.


Redbook CD assembly is available if you are producing an album and want to release on CD. Prices on request.



What is included in the price of mastering?

Your master will be returned to you in the 24 Bit, 44.1Khz wav format unless otherwise requested. If you need a 16 bit file, this is available on request. A free 320 Kbps mp3 master is also included in the standard price, just request it, and we'll send it along with the master wav.


We are also now working to 'mastered for iTunes' specification on request. Please contact us for details on this. 


In the case of a CD DJ mix master, you will receive a DDP or nrg file (whichever you prefer) which can be burned using most CD burning software to produce your master CD. You will also receive a 24 bit wav and 320 Kbps mp3 master.


​how do I place an order for mastering?

Simply use the form on our contact page, or mail us at, let us know how many tracks you need mastering and we'll get back to you with pricing details and what to do next.

​how long does the process take?

We like to turn things round quickly at Blue Steel, 2 - 3 working days is our aim.

how do I pay?

You can pay securely via Paypal by pressing the button on this page. If you prefer not to use Paypal, or Paypal is not available on your country, contact us for alternative payment methods.

Can I speak to the mastering engineers about my track(s)?

Yes, we welcome that. Part of our service is to provide feedback on your mixes, and how to improve on them before we master them - if needed!

formats / mix specs


Music project of Leigh Devlin, engineer, Blue Steel Mastering.

We are happy to work with all lossless file formats - including aif, wav etc. To keep things simple, we usually recommend 24 bit, 44.1 Khz mixes.

We request that all mixes sent to us have at least 6dB headroom - this enables us to get the best possible sound from your track.

We do not advise that you send files of a compressed nature - ie mp3 - as the sound of your track may have already been compromised by the conversion process. If this is unavoidable, we can, and have mastered from mp3 with satisfactory results, but bear in mind, our hands are tied somewhat!


London based music publishing company.


Promotions for House, Deep house, Techno and Minimal.


Ibiza based House and Deep House label.

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