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re-mastering from vinyl

Audio Mastering - Music Mastering


It's amazing what can be done with the restoration and re-mastering techniques available at the moment. We all have vinyl that perhaps we haven't taken the best care of down the years, resulting in the scratches, pops, crackles and jumps that can unfortunately make vinyl un-listenable.


If you have the time and patience to record your vinyl into a DAW or any other high quality recorder, we can restore them and return them to you as a wav file you can play forever, without further damaging your precious originals. As an added bonus, we can also make them sound even better than before, by applying more up to date mastering techniques.


We have been restoring and re-mastering for 10 years for both individual collectors, and even labels who have lost master tapes, with great results and satisfied clients.


Please use the contact page to enquire for prices and turn-around times.


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